Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Cancel Culture

We can't listen to anyone who ever did or said something we disagree with. It doesn't matter if it was a long time ago. It doesn't matter if they have changed their minds. It doesn't matter if there is a good explanation for the offense. It doesn't matter what the context was.

If we look long and hard enough, we can find some offense in anybody's life. 

Here are some thoughts on cancel culture.

We need to allow people to change their minds and mature over time.

It is far too easy to condemn others without really looking at their context or specific circumstances.

Jesus wants us to extend grace to people. That's one way of loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Dead people have no opportunity to defend themselves. Let's have a little respect even when we find fault.

Cancel culture works for and against people of all ideological stripes. 

We all stand to be cancelled at some point, especially with the scrutiny of today's critics. The only thing that protects us is our own obscurity.

Maybe the day will come when society will reject people who have been doing all this cancelling. That will be ironic.

We should look harder for our own faults (with the goal of correcting them) than the faults of others.

People have been trying to cancel Jesus since he walked this earth. I'm glad that he never cancels us.