Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What a Party

Our Homemade Ice Cream Party on Sunday afternoon (April 29) was a blast! God blessed us with a perfect day – beautiful sunshine, hot in the sun, cool in the shade. We had plenty of homemade ice cream, toppings, and drinks.

The water slide was a major league hit. The kids had a great time with it, even the older kids. The background music, the kids shouting and playing, the laughter of friends, the whipped cream – it all made for a picture-perfect day!

Then having the band playing and “fans” cheering was great. I thought the band sounded good, even if I was singing a little. I do know it was lots of fun, and great to see people enjoying the music. I’ll have to work on my rendition of “Rocky Top.” We also had a guest fiddle player, adding a great new sound.

And of course the flamingo display was tacky and memorable. The Crossroads Youth invited us all to have our friends’ homes “flocked” secretly with dozens of lovely pink flamingos. They have raised over $300 for their mission trip to NY this summer. Some fortunate folks have already been flocked. Who will be next?

Back to the party…Thank you to all the folks who helped with the set up. The youth and many adults showed up early to put out tables and get things ready. Thank you to the family who shared their giant slide with us. Thanks to all who helped move our music equipment to the porch and back.

I saw lots of people I did not know. We did a great job of inviting people to come. How come nobody showed up that I invited? Oh well…

Last Sunday will stand out in my memory as one of those perfect days. God answered our prayers as we asked him to pour out his Spirit at the party. He showed up, and we celebrated him. He increased our joy and he was glorified. He keeps making life better and better!