Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 2 by the Youth Group

Some of these blogs were written on Tues, and some on Wed. morning...

Becky: Today was totally rockin’ babes!!!! I mean seriously rockin’ and I talked with this guy named Don who is blind. He collects postcards and I think he has over 1,000 of them and there all in abc order and by state. So I helped him do that most of the day. I’m soooo hyped peeps. This like totally rockin. I think I’ve said that like soo many times already but its true. And the program from last night really hit a sore spot for me and I think a few other people. But it really made me think about some things. Well that’s really all I can think of to say so peace out peoples.

Meredith: Mmk yall. I don’t have a whole lot to say…we went on a picnic today  WERE GOING TO STARBUCKS BABY!! Yeahh…I miss yall <3

Kristen: today (yesterday) was really fun. The lake was a little cold but we bested Lauren’s team in B-ball! Today’s been fun but people have been imitating my accent! They still love FURRCRACKER! Lol! Neways, I miss you all and I hope ou all are having a great time cuz I know I am!! Well back to reality: Brianna talked in her sleep last night and Stacey rolled over onto Becca and yelled, “PERT”! I didn’t sleep to well last night but I had a boatload of fun!
Lots of love,
Kristen M.

Stacey: I absolutely love my crew! They are amazing. They make fun of my accent but that’s ok. It’s cool. Today we had a water fight and we are gardening in a nursing home. We are getting ready to go to starbucks and the lake. Tonight is our free time..FUN FUN! Tomorrow our crew is going to take a tour of the city and then we will go to the beach! Yeah so im pretty much in love with my work crew. I just drank 78 grams of sugar in a vault and I’m soooo hyper. They call soda pop and I think its HILARIOUS! Love y’all.

Daniel: I’ve been cleaning so many windows. Love y’all.

Stephanie: Hey again!! We made breakfast this morning but we really didn’t do much but set out stuff like cereal and fruit and coffee. Today at the work place we played with the Hispanic kids again and finished painting the storage building we started yesterday. It was WAY hotter than yesterday! Tonight we’re gonna go to a lake and Starbucks (YES!!!) for free time. The programs are pretty good and we learned a dance to one of the songs and we did it up front. I’m getting to know my crew even better and I love them so much!! There are two other girls and a boy. Oh yeah and I finally found some people that talk weird. It’s really hard to understand them sometimes. They think I talk weird, too. The people in my crew think that NC is soooooooo far south. One kid asked my if I had ever seen snow!! Lol! It’s a lot of fun up here and I’m gonna hate to leave on Friday. Hope you all are having fun, too!! Luv y’all!

Lauren: Wear clothing of love, don’t forget your pants. There was a really sad story about a young boy named Gary, that I will be more than welcome to share when I arrive, I’m not going to ruin it now. I am having a blast, playing telephone at AppleBee’s? (bet you never done that before!) I love our dance that we learned, which will definitely be shown Sunday. Well I’m off! Hope to see all of you soon. [=

Brianna: hey yall Stokesdale southern folk!!! I miss yall back home!!! My crew is really cool!! In my crew people are from all over the place!! Brady, my crew leader, is from MICHIGAN!!! And there is a girl named sara, and she’s from Pennsylvania and Jen is from Ohio, and Sam is from Neo Jersey, and Alex is from Iowa!!!! I told ya they were from all over!!! Guess what!!! I sleep talked last night!!! No one could understand what I was saying but they all said that I had a whole conversation in my sleep!!! Thanx for congratulating me!! (jk) im missing you all and I hope I come back home to happy and healthy friends and family!!! Luv yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cecily: Today we went on a picnic with like 5 old people. Then we went to the old people happy hour and sang take me out to the ball game while they all drank. I don’t feel like typing a lot today. I’m not sick.. I’m just tired and completely out of patience. Oh yeah, and I think I got another bladder infection. Awesome. Miss y’all.

Ken: Today our crew continued painting at the assisted living house, but we also took half the day to organize and put on a little festival for the residents. This included horseshoes, memory games, croquet and a ball toss. This allowed us to connect with some of the residents on a more personal level. I really enjoyed talking to Nan (96) and George (95). Last night we had a real powerful message, and afterwards, we had our group devotion for almost two hours. That’s right, your kids talked about the message, their thoughts, and how we can all Forgive better. God is really present here, and I can see each of the youth experiencing him. What an experience this is. I am sooo excited to be a part of this. Miss you all.

Kathie: Today I taught my crew how to say “aw-ite”, and Karina (our Jersey girl) taught us how to say “Baw-ston” and “caw-fee”. We spent our time pulling briars and painting the storage building (6 hours of fun!). Seriously, the woman we are helping is so nice. Evidently she and her husband have had medical problems, and haven’t been able to do any of this type of maintenance for a couple of years. The have 2 boarders, and the woman boarder is one of the most God filled, joyful people I have ever met. It’s people like this that make it all worthwhile!!

Lisa: Today, our crew washed out the service van we use to deliver the lunches to local kids. We had a good time of fellowship within our crew, and enjoyed sharing about “God sightings”, forgiveness (yesterday’s theme), and love (today’s theme). Our goal today was to get the agency workers who go with us talking more; we had limited success! Last night our kids helped lead the worship time by dancing (on-stage) to the theme song. (Kathie and I confined our dancing to the aisles.) We are having a great time, and appreciate how much we see God in your kids!

David: On Tuesday we began staining a deck for a family with special needs. They have a 13 year old daughter who is disabled. She can’t walk or talk. Her mother also has some health issues. We began the process of staining yesterday and will finish today. The family is very nice and making the job easy for us. They also have a pool, and so they will let us swim today after we finish the work. Everyone is ragging me about having a cushy assignment.