Saturday, May 3, 2008

One More Thing

After I preach on Sundays, sometimes I think of another point I should have made. As our small group met on Wednesday, discussing last Sunday’s message from Acts 14, I had another bit of insight. In Acts 14 we find the story of Paul preaching in Lystra, when he notices a lame man who has faith to be healed. Paul commands him to stand up, which he does.

The man could experience healing because Paul was living in the power of the Holy Spirit, listening to his promptings. But Paul also noticed this man particularly in the crowd. Paul was paying attention to people.

We too can live this way. We can pay attention to the people around us. We can notice their needs and hurts. But we also need to be listening constantly to the prompting of the Spirit. He will show us how he wants to work in the lives of those around us.

It is a powerful combination: listening to God while noticing people. That sounds a whole lot like the Great Commandment: Love God, Love People. These are the greatest commandments, Jesus said. This is how we should be living.

When we live like this, Jesus reveals his power and the world is blessed by him. And this gives his servants joy in the process.