Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get it straight

I do like to be organized.  Our moving process to our new house is continuing, but we still have more stuff to move.  Fortunately we are absorbing and putting in place all the stuff we are moving.  Unfortunately, that makes the process slow, and there is still more stuff.

 I had hoped to get the house all empty by the end of this month.  Not going to happen.  I really want to get it in top shape to sell this month or next.  We are closer, though.

 The good news is that things are well organized at the new abode.  It’s amazing how much better one can organize with enough space.  It is even easier to clean with more space. 

 Now I can get things in place, know where they are, and get to them when I need them.  It just feels better knowing that I don’t have a big mess lurking behind every closed door. 

 That’s true spiritually, too.