Friday, March 22, 2013

Trajectory: Setting Direction for Life

Everybody is headed somewhere.  It makes sense to head somewhere on purpose.  We plan our projects and vacations, but somehow we don’t get around to planning for … life.

Our new series beginning this Sunday is about Trajectory, setting direction for life. 

This Sunday, we are talking about Destination.  Everybody’s life trajectory points to their destination.  Every day we get closer to that destination.  If we do what we are made for, we reach the best destination with our lives.  (Luke 9:51)

On Easter Sunday, we will look at the end of Jesus’ trajectory in his earthly life.  He Nailed It.  When he breathed his last, he had fulfilled the Father’s plan for him.  He lived a perfect life, and he did it for us.  When he completed his work, he made the way for us to experience a relationship with God.  His sacrifice of himself paid the price for our sins.  By receiving his forgiveness, and turning away from our sin, we can have a relationship with God, both now and in eternity.  (Luke 38-46)

For some of us, a life in relationship with God looks like a Long Shot.  On April 7, we look at a tax collector (shady, sneaky, bad company) who becomes a disciple of Jesus.  When Jesus called him, it changed the direction of his life.  (Luke 5:27-32)

There must be A Better Path.  Ever think that?  A guy named Zacchaeus felt that way.  He was searching for meaning in life, and went out of his way to catch a glimpse of Jesus.  Yes, he had to climb a tree to see Jesus, because he was so short!  Finding a better path takes some work.  That’s the story for April 21.  (Luke 19:1-10)

Jesus can show up in your life and change everything.  He can make the difference between Life and Death.  On April 28, we’ll look at a widow who was burying her only son.  She expected a life trajectory of poverty and heartache.  Jesus showed up and, well, her life was never the same.  (Luke 7:11-17)

Where is life headed for you?  Take a look at your Trajectory with us!