Monday, July 22, 2013

Lies that I Believe

My brain is a complicated piece of equipment.  I have spent more than half a century cultivating my patterns of thinking.  I’m learning to take a step back and consider why I think like that.  Much of what I take for granted is not really true.  That’s a scary thought…

Jesus tells us that the devil speaks his native language when he lies (see John 8), and he is still in the business of lying.

It turns out that I'm more of a sucker than I thought.  Below I have listed a few of the lies I have identified.  There may be a kernel of truth in some of these statements, but for the most part, they are utterly false.  It derails God’s work in my life when I agree with these ideas from the devil.

When I identify these wrong patterns of thinking, I can see that they don’t come from Jesus.  I can ask him to show me the truth, and the lies lose their power.  He sets me free!
Here are some of his lies that I tend to believe:
  • You must constantly be on your guard.  (God’s not watching out for you.)
  • There are threats everywhere you turn. (God won’t take care of you.)
  • That person is mad at you.  (He/she only thinks about you and how you messed up.)
  • That person blames you for their problem.  (He’s mad at you for obvious reasons.)
  • Their problem is your fault.  (How could you let them down like that?)
  • Trouble is coming.  (The ringing phone brings bad news.)
  • People don’t want to work with you.  (You are so unreasonable.)
  • You are asking too much when you ask people to grow spiritually. (You just want them to do things your way.)
  • You can’t handle that conflict.  (You’ll just make things worse.)
  • You didn’t get enough done today.  (Aren’t you just lazy?)
  • You can never get caught up.  (God asks too much of you.)

What lies are on your list?  Ask Jesus to expose your stinking thinking, and ask him to speak truth to you.  He will set you free!