Friday, September 20, 2013

Crossroads Values -- Action

Jesus was a man of action.  After working as a carpenter, he began his three-and-a-half years of ministry.  He healed, taught, preached, traveled, fished, prayed, encouraged, rebuked.  He changed the world by investing in his disciples.  He followed the Father’s plan obediently, giving his life on the cross.

As the Spirit moved Jesus to action, he calls us to action as well.  Sometimes the action is prayer.  Sometimes listening, teaching, confronting, turning over tables.  It is all guided by the Spirit and motivated by love.

At Crossroads, we want to be involved in life, like Jesus.  We step up to fight injustice, feed the hungry, and fight disease.  We step up to reach out to people who need friends.  We step up to show our community the love of Jesus.  We step up to help a friend make a decision.  We challenge each other to stick with our marriages.  We call each other to turn from sin.  We volunteer.  We invite to dinner.  We donate.  We pack shoeboxes with fun stuff for poor children.  We sponsor kids around the globe.  We send missionaries.

Faith means action.