Monday, July 6, 2015

Fighting the Contempt of Familiarity

They say that familiarity breeds contempt.  I know young folks who don't want to get jobs at their favorite establishments, because they don't want to lose the exhilaration of eating or shopping there.  Workers at Starbucks can no longer smell coffee.  Workers at Christmas tree lots can no longer smell the Frasier firs.  When I worked at a bank, I came to hate the smell of money.

It's not just about the smells.  I wonder if cast members at Disney World soon lose the sense of magic in the Magic Kingdom.  When you are around something all the time, it loses its special feel.

Sadly this can happen in the kingdom of God.  Paid workers and volunteers in Christian ministries can get bogged down in routine operations and miss the wonder of the grace of God.  Even telling people about the grace of God can become routine.  We understand the mechanics of the work of Jesus and lose the wonder, gratitude and awe.

That's why I need to worship.  As our band sang a new song yesterday, the words penetrated my heart and reminded me of God's great sacrifice and love for me.  As we broke the Bread and shared the Cup, I experienced again God's grace.

I need it every day. 

Lord, save me from any contempt that might come from being close to you.

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