Monday, July 18, 2022

Feel the Love

I have been missing out. Maybe you have too. People love you. You don't always realize it. This love can't fulfill its full purpose unless you receive it. To receive love is more than merely acknowledging it. Someone waves at you and you wave back. That interchange, as important as it may be, is complete in mere seconds. But receiving love requires time, attention, and intention.

I so rarely receive love. It's the feeling you get when you hug a loved one and exhale and relax. It's not rushed. It's not distracted. Defenses are down. It is present in the moment.

Most often love comes to us without physical contact. It could be kind words, a timely text, a knowing smile. Love comes to us through thoughtful actions and efforts of others. Love never comes from perfect people, so receiving love implies forgiveness. 

Spend a few minutes quietly thinking of someone who loves you. Think of the many ways over the years that this person has shown love to you. Think of the positive message embodied in that person's actions. The message is for you. Receive it. Thank God for it. Let it soak into your soul.

What if we thought every day about a different person who loves us, and received that love? I think it would transform us from the inside out. It would change our attitudes. It would make our problems less threatening. 

Maybe receiving love will help us share it better.