Monday, June 2, 2008

Growing with Changes

After more than five years of meeting the Long House, on the outskirts of Stokesdale, Crossroads is now planning to find new meeting space. Our challenges cause us to grow. It has been very exciting to see the vision and enthusiasm God has placed in the hearts of the people of Crossroads. Rather than being discouraged, we are eagerly, actively looking for our next steps. He is helping us see with kingdom eyes, making us depend on him to do what only he can do.

We are praying that God will provide just the right location for us, where we can be more visible and touch more lives. We believe that God is changing the world, and that he can use us in the process. The months ahead will send us on a new pathway of service, so we are eagerly seeking his leadership.

He also reminds us that church is not a building, but people. We don’t have a church. We are the church. He is God, and he longs to reveal his extraordinary love and power. He is bringing his kingdom. I really want to be part of that!