Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Day

I just read on the Channel 8 Web site that someone has declared June 20 as the happiest day of the year. Sounds good to me.

A psychologist in England has calculated that people feel most happy on this day, based on his interesting formula: O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He.

O = time spent outdoors
N = time spent in nature
S = socializing with friends
Cpm = childhood positive memories
T = temperature
He = holiday expected

Now, I don’t think he intends to divide our childhood positive memories by the temperature, as the formula indicates, but he does make a good point. There are plenty of good things working together to encourage us.

It makes sense to notice these positive things and even enhance them. We can’t control the outside temperature, but we can dwell on our good memories. We can make time to spend with friends. We can make plans for fun things. We can spend more time outside, enjoying nature.

Just like we can add to our own happiness, we can intentionally add to our own joy. I wonder what your formula for joy would look like? I want to figure out my own formula, and then maximize all the right variables. It won’t make every day a cake walk, but it will keep my heart more in tune with Jesus, and he’s the One who gives me joy.