Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Power of Focus

I have enjoyed watching the Olympics this week. Michael Phelps has been unbelievable. At this point he has earned six gold medals. I have noticed that lots of world records are being set, by Phelps and others. Even a 20-year-old record was broken. One track and field commentator said that the track was a very fast one. I thought that all tracks were about the same, except for altitude. I wonder what makes a track fast…

But the water must be fast, too, with all the world swimming records being set. I think that the records are being set partly because of a new tool athletes have to help them focus. Around the fields and pools I see lots of athletes sporting ear buds. Listening to favorite music has a way of getting someone in the zone.

For the first time today I listened to my mp3 player on my morning fitness walk,. I started with one album, but found that the music was too slow or mellow. I switched to a DC Talk record, and felt the adrenalin kick in. I may have covered my 2.5 miles in record time. I know that my dog found it hard to keep up.

I do believe that athletes can use music to get in the zone and perform at maximum capacity. Focus is essential for scaling new heights. The Spirit is the one who really helps us focus, and maybe good music can help too.

I expect to see lots of “world records” being broken in the spiritual realm. Jesus is on the move. He is transforming people. He is changing the world. I want to be part of that!