Saturday, November 21, 2009

Setting the Stage

We had our first workday at our new building.  We hope to begin worshiping there in January.  One of the cool things we did was to take apart some of the huge shelving units that came with the building.  We are going to use the sections of shelving for our stage at the Stokesdale Christmas Parade.

The stage is going to be awesome.  Sixteen by twenty feet with two levels.  Our drummer will be setting up on the high level.  Then our parade commentators can sit up high after the parade begins.  Should be great!

Also, the Stokesdale market will be held on parade day, so we will have a much bigger audience.  It's coming soon, Dec. 12. 

For now, it's time to think about being thankful.  I think I have more for which to be thankful than ever before.  God is good, and he shares his goodness with us.  Thank you, Jesus!