Thursday, May 21, 2015

File Transfer Fun

We are cleaning out the basement.  Yep, lots of surprises, memories, and . . . old computers.  I have a computer that I bought in January 2000.  I waited until after the horrors of Y2K came and went; then I went and bought a new machine.  I replaced it three years later, but kept it for the files.  Today I fired it up, and it all seems to work fine.  But I haven't yet figured out how to get those old files onto a flash drive.

The old machine does not have the right drivers for the flash drive.  I can find the driver, but I can't get it on that old machine.  Hmmm. 

So what's the spiritual application?  I don't know.  Everything I can come up with sounds lame.  Keep your spiritual drivers up to date.  Don't make it hard for God to transfer files to you.  God doesn't need binary code to speak to you.  Computers are stupid.  Take your pick.