Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Honey, Do Get a Better Attitude

A few days ago my wife shared with me a "to do" list of household projects. These are items we need to do by early summer. There were items on the list that I expected, and some that were a surprise. In all fairness, these projects need to be done.

However, my initial reaction to some of the items was not good. How can I get out of that? How can we put it off until it's too late? How can we do that on the cheap? How can I make the kids handle that?

Of course I did not say any of that out loud. I'm not that stupid. I nodded, and quietly began my plan of selective execution of the list.

On Sunday, a friend told me that his wife had given him a similar list. He immediately created a spreadsheet with costs and deadlines, so that the entire list could be fulfilled with time to spare.

Yeah. I saw my silly, petty, selfish, lazy, sneaky self in that moment. And I have since told my wife that we need to make a spreadsheet.

A little repentance is good for the soul. And it really helps a marriage, too.

Now, I really need to jump on that list...