Thursday, July 25, 2019

Super-Sized Serving Ideas

Super-Sized Serving Ideas for August, 2019

Get ready to have some fun serving others! This list provides some ideas to get you thinking about how you can make a difference in people’s lives. There are easy, quick ideas and big commitment ideas. We have made four categories to help you think about various places for serving. Let’s take the Love of Jesus to a whole new level. Find some way to serve every day this August!


Do someone else’s chores.

Text a friend to say you are praying for them.

Pray for a missionary or missions agency.

Pray for someone who is not on your usual prayer list.

Keep an exchange student.

Foster a child.

Complete the “honey-do” item that you have avoided.

Pray for the first 5 people in your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Leave a love note for a family member.

Bring home fresh flowers.

Ask a family member, How can I pray for you?, and follow up.

Give opportunity for a family member to take a nap.

Let someone serve you who offers.

Clean out the refrigerator.

Weed the flower bed.

Sweep the garage.


Bake a pie for a neighbor.

Mow for a vacationing neighbor.

Babysit for a friend.

Offer to tutor others on tech issues.

Invite a neighbor to go for a walk.

Play music at a nursing home.

Take a friend to coffee and really listen to their story.

Host a “get to know you” meal for your neighbors.

Listen intently to a kid’s stories.

Sign up to coach a sport.

Host a bingo night at a nursing home.

Visit someone in the hospital.

Take meal to someone in need.

Prepare care packages for college students.

Harvest your garden and share with a neighbor.

Order a pizza (and pay for it) for a friend close by or far away.

Sign up to be a “lunch buddy” at a local school.


Help a stranger haul groceries.

Buy a meal for a stranger at a fast food restaurant.

Visit a prison.

Leave a thank you note for a waiter.

Search Craigslist for someone in need and help them out (don’t go alone).

Sell a luxury item and donate the money to someone in need.

Teach a class about your passion at your church building.

Art, tech, business, fashion, d├ęcor, carpentry, etc.

Keep a cooler of water bottles in your car on a hot day; give them away to thirsty people.

Post on Facebook, “How can I help you?” and follow up with the comments.

Pick up (a piece of) trash in a parking lot.

Help someone holding a cardboard sign.

Read to children at a Public school.

Help serve a meal or snack for teachers and staff.

Provide gift bags for teachers or parents.

Provide gift bags for first responders.

Walk your dog among people (e.g. college students) who miss their pets at home.

Deliver Meals on Wheels

Join in a workday

Piedmont Land Conservancy, Mountains to Sea Trail, your neighborhood, Habitat for Humanity, Camp Carefree


Make a craft to sell for Operation Christmas Child shipping.

Buy some food to donate.

Harvest your garden and share with a ministry.

Join the bone marrow registry.

Mentor an ex-prisoner through Prison Fellowship.

Go through your closet and donate your unneeded clothes to LOT 2540.

Donate blood, or platelets, or double red.

Meet a need for your favorite charity.

Volunteer for a local helping organization:

LOT 2540, Good Samaritan, Operation XCEL, Library, Hospital, Nursing home

Play in a charity golf tournament.

Compete in a 5k charity race.

Help with a game night at Hannah’s Haven.