Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Freedom from Politics

Today we can celebrate freedom from political ads. It was almost humorous to hear competing ads back-to-back during TV commercial breaks. So, even if the election is not settled, at least we are free from those ads.

Can we be free from politics?

History shows that we need governments. We need some rules for orderly society, and we need some means to encourage people to follow those rules. That's what government is all about. Some versions of governments have been good for populations, and many have been cruel and oppressive. When government is absent, anarchy rules until that vacuum is filled with, usually, some sort of tyranny. Government, then, is necessary in human society, even if it is typically full of imperfection. We need government.

Unfortunately the delivery system for government is politics. It is full of imperfect people with imperfect motives. People long to have power but rarely anticipate the corruption that comes with power. Even those who begin with good motives learn to compromise on principles for the sake of their larger agenda. Corruption nearly always creeps in.

If we want to be free from worldly politics, we need to focus on Jesus as our King. He has the greater power of love. He transforms the people in his kingdom. There is no corruption in his reign.

We can free ourselves from the mental tyranny of worldly politics by remembering that Jesus is our King. Yes we need to participate in worldly government, voting and staying informed. But the kingdom of Jesus is greater. He says, "Take heart! I have overcome this world!" (John 16:33).