Monday, November 2, 2020

Toxic Breath, Contagious Breath

Who knew? Anything we read or watch from before 2020 seems so quaint. There was a time when thousands of people could gather for...anything. We thought nothing of it. Breath was not considered toxic. 

Today, everything has changed. You know what's on the list, because you are living it.

In ancient languages, there was one word for breath/wind/spirit. When the Bible talks about the Holy Spirit, you could read it "Holy Breath." 

The Holy Breath is not toxic. He breathes life into us. He heals and restores. He brings hope and joy.

So, this Holy Breath is not toxic, but He is contagious. When the Spirit of God shapes your thinking and guides your heart, people can sense the peace, the love, the joy. And this Holy Breath penetrates more than lungs. He gets into the operating system of our souls and transforms us from within.

Spread the Breath.