Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A New Chapter

It has been a spectacular honor to minister in the name of Jesus in the community of Stokesdale. In 1999 my family and I moved here to begin a new church. Church planting was beginning to take off, and I was inspired to take this leap after reading The Purpose-Driven Church, by Rick Warren. New neighborhoods were sprouting up in northwest Guilford Co., and we wanted to reach them with the gospel.

We are now ready to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders at Crossroads. Our new pastor, Nick Rabah, is transitioning into the role of lead pastor of Crossroads. Over the next six months he will gradually take on more and more pastoral responsibility, bringing a wealth of ministry experience and energy.

I look forward to seeing God's work continue with Crossroads as we begin this new chapter.

Nick's first sermon as our pastor will be this Sunday, Oct. 2, and I hope you will worship with us!