Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Destiny Turns!

I learned early this morning that God has moved a judge’s heart in Uganda, and now two AIDS orphans will have new parents in Winston-Salem, NC. Erin and Scott Littleton have been working for over six months to untangle the red tape binding their children. On Oct. 28 we held a concert of prayer, asking God to intervene supernaturally to release those children.

When the judge called in sick on the day after our concert, I wondered what had happened in his life and mind. Some of us talking about the situation felt that God missed a great opportunity to show his glory when he did not have the judge make a ruling on that Monday. God doesn’t need any PR consultants. He knows how to reveal his glory.

Now destiny for these two young children – and their young parents – has turned. He has put them in a place where they will be wanted and loved. Who knows how God may use these children for his glory?

And what about our concert of prayer? Did that tip the scales in favor of the children? People sometimes say that prayer changes things. The truth is that God changes things. Often he uses prayer. Seeking God’s face pulls us into closer fellowship with him. That helps us know his heart and his will. We can pray with greater confidence when we are assured that we are praying in agreement with the will of God. The Bible tells us that when we pray according to the will of God, he hears and answers.

Somehow prayer releases God’s power in our world. His kingdom comes and his will is done.