Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old and New Blogs

I’ve been reading Thoreau’s Walden. It’s one of those books you hear about all the time but you have never read. It sounds like a blog from the 1840s. He rails about the high prices of things, and he calls for more simplicity in life. He goes into detail about people and circumstances that seem insignificant to me.

But that’s how blogs are. We can ramble on and not worry abut wasting ink and paper. Like Thoreau, we can be opinionated and say what we really think. I imagine that he would have been a prolific blogger. And I don’t think that would have compromised his beliefs about simplicity. Maybe I’ll know better after I finish the book.

Oh yeah. Thanks to our awesome webmaster, we now have a new look for the pastor’s blog. I’ve been so busy building a shack out by the pond that I haven’t had time to get the new blog up and going. Not really. But I would like to build that cabin sometime.