Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tricks and Treats

Last night our small group led an Outflow ministry, reversing the typical trick-or-treat expedition. We went around Stokesdale, giving treats as we went.

Our mission started at the Little Feet Learning Center. We had arranged in advance to give out glow sticks and trick-or-treat bags to all the children as they were picked up by their parents, between 5 and 6 p.m.. Unfortunately, we missed all but a few kids, because most of them had been picked up early for Halloween parties.

Our group of kids and adults just delivered the gifts to the kids in their classrooms. Of course we were all dressed for the occasion – well, most of us were. And we were all in good spirits. The kids all loved it.

Our original plan was to give gifts at the day care and then deliver packs of Tic Tacs to the workers in all the retail businesses in town. We had so many left over glow sticks and bags, we just gave them out with the mints, too. At many establishments, the workers thought that we were there to get treats. It was a great surprise for them to learn that we were giving.

Of course we were all laughing the whole time, so it was fun for everyone.

Then a small group member hosted us for a meal and a surprise. The meal was good, both the food and the fellowship. But the surprise was a comet. As an amateur astronomer, he knew about the Holmes Comet. In the northeastern sky, around 7:30 p.m. we could see it. It looks like a fuzzy star. To me they all look fuzzy, but when you look through good binoculars, you can see it easily. Because the tail is pointed directly to earth, it looks like a star with a thick halo of light around it.

Of course, nighttime on Halloween, looking at stars, provides the perfect opportunity to scare each other. Which we did. It was great.

With the giggling, the giving, the stars and comet, and the fun meal, we had a spectacular evening. Lots of treats and just a few tricks.