Monday, June 1, 2009

Mission Accomplished

My apologies for not posting more blogs. I have not had easy access to the internet on my computer, so I am borrowing the host's computer.

Today we finished forming and pouring another 20' column for the church building. The church is called Spanish Town Tabernacle. They are a young church, only about 6 years old. Their worship service on Sunday was surprisingly similar to worship at Crossroads. They had some great singing, captured on video by Danny. They did a baby dedication, had prayer requests and prayed for mission work in Sri Lanka.

On Sunday night we all went into a ghetto, called Irish Pen, handing out tracts and inviting people to come to church. I was surprised how eager the people were to read the tracts. They were mostly very receptive to our invitations. I spoke one young man named Dwight who had recently been laid off and needs a job. I prayed with him about his need for work and encouraged him to seek all that God has for him. I shared the gospel with him and he seemed very receptive. I'm still praying for him to find work.

Although jobs are difficult to find in Jamaica, there are many businesses in the ghetto. I saw general stores, several bars, even grocery stores. Spanish Town Tabernacle is actually sponsoring a young entrepreneur in his chicken business in Irish Pen.

Goats are everywhere in Kingston and Spanish town. Although they are free range, they reportedly all have owners. "When you calls you goat, then he come," a lady told us today.

Tomorrow we will take a fun day and visit Dunns River Falls on the northern part of the island. Then on Wednesday we will fly home.

Check out Danny Sides' Facebook account for more info and some photos, including a picture of the "magic laundry basket" at our host home. More later...