Monday, June 15, 2009


Our mission trip to Jamaica was a great success.  We did construct two 20-foot concrete columns.  We made much better time with the second column, having figured out most of the engineering with the first one.

 This picture shows the first column, with the plywood forms in place.  When we took the form off, we saw a beautiful, concrete pillar.  It is no wonder that construction projects take so long in Jamaica.  If every job takes as long as this one, it is a wonder that anything is ever built.

 On June 7 we had a report time in our worship service at Crossroads.  I asked the team what they thought was their most significant impact during the trip.  Most of us thought that the impact we had on the missionary and his family was the most profound.

 We did do some permanent construction.  We did talk a lot to the people we saw around the Spanish Town Tabernacle church building.  We were a witness of how people can work together to accomplish a goal.  But I think that we brought some needed fellowship to the Kay family in Kingston.

 God helped me to grow during the trip.  I took a few hours after I returned to list some things that I don’t want to forget.  I expect the list to jog my memory, so that I can expound on my experience.  There are lots of interesting cultural differences, and I want to remember them.  There are also lots of spiritual insights and questions from the trip.

 Thank you to all who helped make this trip possible and so successful.  We are already thinking about our next mission trip!