Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wise words on Friendship

Since I have begun accounts on Facebook and Twitter, I was intrigued with the title of a letter written by Nathan Hatch to the Wake Forest University class of 2009.    As an alumnus, class of ’84, I get the college’s email newsletter, and occasionally I click to read full articles.

 You can read the article called “Friendship means more than Facebook” at  To sum it up, Hatch says that on-line networking is valuable, but it can never replace real friendship.  I was glad to hear that Wake’s president values friendship so much, and that he has the courage to share his counter-cultural insights with today’s college graduates.

 I am reminded that connections with dozens of people can be good, but that we all need a few close friends.  Friendship takes time, and I need to keep making the investment.