Sunday, December 20, 2009

All In

As I read Getting Things Done, by David Allen, I'm learning about organizing.  Sounds like I need a real, live "in box."  My desk served that function for quite some time.  Most recently, I've been stacking things on my filing cabinet and keeping my desk clean.

But now I need an in box.  I guess I will get one, along with a label maker for my manila folders.  Oh, and he says that I should not use hanging files any more.  What?  Just use the adjustable file stopper at the back of the drawer, he says.

Somehow I expected this stuff to be either high tech, or closer to what I'm already doing.  I haven't actually taken action on these suggestions, but I'm willing to give it a reasonable try.  He does have reasons for everything.  And he says to use what you can and ignore the rest.  Even a partial application of his process is helpful.

And that does speak to me.  I'm always one to take an idea and tweak it to fit my own situation.

I may not end up as his poster boy, but hey, at least I'm reading the book.