Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clear Mind

The closing on our old house is set for Friday.  So far, everything is falling into place.  But I've had enough dealing with real estate this year to know that something always comes up at the last minute.

But it has been great to get this off our plate.  We moved into our new house in March, and have been eager to sell the old house ever since.  I have had to mow and clean gutters, and clean inside...  It has taken tons of time, not to mention the burden of the mortgage. 

Today we finally brought home all our stuff from the old house.  We even brought home the broom and dustpan.  Wow that feels good.  It feels good to get that attention- and money-sucker taken care of.  I'm so glad for that house to be a blessing to another family just as it has blessed ours.

I have noticed, though, how freeing it feels to get that whole thing off my mind.  I have more creativity, more interest in my work, more interest in my hobbies.  It is a fresh perspective on life.

I wonder what other "open loops" I need to close.  I wonder how much more mental, emotional and spiritual freedom I will gain when I tackle these things.  I know that God will show me, because he wants me to keep becoming like Jesus.