Friday, January 9, 2015

New Books

I recently received an order from Amazon, including four titles by Richard Rohr.  A year ago, as I began a two-month sabbatical, a friend recommended that I read a book by Rohr.  "Which one?" I asked.  "Any of them," he answered.  That's about right.  I have read three of Rohr's books now, and every one cuts through the fog and chaos of this world and drives straight to the heart of connecting with Jesus.

Of the four titles I received this week, one I have already read, but can't find my copy of the book.  I needed another one to reread and lend.  The new titles I look forward to reading are The Naked Now, Adam's Return, and From Wild Man to Wise Man.

I thank God for gifting this author with insight and wisdom.  Reading Rohr helps me become more like Jesus, and that's a miracle in itself.  And I thank God for friends who recommend good books!