Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Valentine Question

It's just a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day now, so I want to make a suggestion to husbands, who probably need to get a clue.  Yeah, everybody knows that men need to get a clue.  The worst of us are those who don't even know it.

Last week at our Ephesians Bible study, led by Keith Street, someone brought up a quotation from Bill McCartney of Promise Keepers fame.  The Coach said, "You can tell the depth of a man's walk with God by the countenance of his wife's face."

It is the husband's job to love his wife.  To cherish, honor, bless, and encourage her.  To make her feel like the most special woman in the world.  As all men know, women are difficult to figure out.  In fact, they are nearly impossible to figure out.  It's like we need divine intervention.  In fact, we do.

So, the most important Valentine question may be the question you ask God: 
What is the key to my wife's heart? 

I encourage you to ask that question, and listen to God's answer.  It may surprise you.  It may catch you off guard.  It may remind you of something long forgotten.  Once God reveals the key, you have to act upon it.  Get creative, get serious, get humorous, get real.  Stop taking her for granted.  Unlock all of that feminine mystery you can fathom, with the key to her heart.

The key won't be material treasure or anything grand.  It will be simple, honest, thoughtful, from the humble depths of your heart.  It won't be a one-time gesture either.  It has to represent an awakening of your own heart to the beautiful privilege of belonging to your bride.

Ask the question, change your heart, pour yourself out for your love.  It may bring a sweet smile to her face like you haven't seen in years.