Thursday, August 17, 2017

Confederate Monument Debate

The debate over the removal of Confederate monuments prompted me to list the reasons to keep and remove the monuments. I'm seeking to be as objective as possible, listing all the reasonable or almost reasonable arguments I can think of. Saving my comments for later, I present my lists.

Monuments should be kept in place because:
  • The monuments stand as reminders of our country's bloodiest war.
  • The monuments honor the cultural pride of Southerners.
  • The time is not right for removal. Maybe they should go, but not yet.
  • Those who appreciate these monuments deserve the respect of keeping these familiar landmarks.
  • These monuments aren't hurting anything. There's no compelling reason to remove them.

Monuments should be removed because:
  • The monuments honor those who fought for an abusive, reprehensible institution.
  • The monuments represent a cause that was rightly lost.
  • The monuments offend Americans who believe in justice and equality.
  • The monuments do not represent soldiers of the United States of America.
  • The monuments were erected by the descendants of a vanquished cause who will not accept defeat.
  • The monuments are better kept in museums where Americans can remember the enduring feelings of rebellion among Southerners.

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