Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whom to Hate

Some people bother us. We all get bothered by them.
Corporate fat cats
Religious people
Welfare cheats
Corporate management
Labor Unions
Tree huggers
Climate change deniers
White supremacists
Professional demonstrators

We think the world would be better off without those people. We can explain how wrong they are, and all the problems they cause. Every chance we get, we rant against those people.

The problem is, all those rants, all that vitriol, does nothing to improve matters.

Trite as it might sound, we need to learn to love those people. Even the terrorists. Even those we disagree with. Of course it's not easy. That's why Jesus gave us his Spirit, to change us so that we can allow his love to flow from us.

We all think that we have identified that class of people that causes all the problems. The truth is, we are all part of that class that causes problems. We need forgiveness, then we need to share that forgiveness. It takes the intervention of the Lord.

Instead of identifying whom to hate, we need to surrender to the love of Jesus.