Monday, August 7, 2017

Framing the Marginalized

I respect those in law enforcement. I met a Guilford County Sheriff's deputy today, who was very kind and respectful to a family who lost a loved one. His presence and thoughtfulness was comforting to the family. Most people in law enforcement are like this deputy and carry out their mission to protect and serve the public.

Unfortunately, the few officers who abuse their authority give cops a bad name. I saw on ABC news last week two reports of cops who planted drugs at crime scenes in order to frame someone. The body cams make it harder to hide those misdeeds.

What would motivate a law enforcement professional to plant evidence? Here are some guesses:
  • grudge against an individual or group
  • need to meet quotas of arrests and convictions
  • desire to impress peers or superiors
Actually, I think it takes a really disturbed person to frame someone. I want to offer some solutions, but it boils down to the sinfulness of humanity. The crooked cops have a warped sense of morality. Maybe they had difficult childhoods. Maybe they had a bad breakup.

But there is no excuse for such abuse of power. I wish there was an easy solution. It's going to take something like a work of God.
That's why we pray for the kingdom to come. And that's why we need to work to bring the kingdom.