Friday, April 17, 2020

Brain Vacation

I have begun practicing daily centering prayer. Centering prayer, as I understand it, is coming before God in silence, just to be in his presence. This sounds so easy. But I find it very difficult.

My mind constantly churns on things--plans, people, ideas, regrets, dreams. It's hard for me to stop all those trains of thought. I never realized that mental silence is so difficult, until I began noticing my thoughts. I live with a torrent of mental activity. It's often chaotic. Sometimes it's like a loud buzz in my brain.

So, centering prayer is a brain vacation for me. It is time when I don't have to be solving problems, making plans, justifying my behavior, evaluating my work, worrying over whatever, regretting mistakes. I can just be before God.

I find him welcoming me. He's always glad to "see" me. He looks into my eyes with joy and approval. He reminds me that he likes me as I am. I can rest in him.

My brain vacations put life into perspective and keep me from being so overwhelmed. I still find centering prayer challenging, because my mind always wanders. But when I can rein in my mind, Jesus is always there, waiting to greet me.