Friday, April 24, 2020

Long Hair

Yes, it's been over four weeks since I got my hair cut. Actually I lucked into perfect timing with my last shearing on March 23. When I walked into the barbershop, the governor had just announced the closure of all such establishments in two days. My regular appointment happened to land two days before the order took effect.

It has been interesting to see what my hair does as it grows. I'm finding cowlicks and waves that I never noticed before. I may end up parting my hair again. For years I have not paid much attention to my hair, and virtually never had a bad hair day. But now, I need to make sure it behaves. Of course, there's nowhere to go but the grocery store and Zoom meetings, so hardly anyone gets to see my hair anyway.

I'm sure that most folks have much more issues with their hair. I don't mean to complain. I just want to get a nice trim before I need a ponytail.

Or maybe I'll just shave my head.