Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hopes for 2021

What will our society look like in April 2021? Here are some of my hopes:
  • A vaccination for coronavirus has been developed, and there is no significant risk of interaction in public.
  • Families are spending more time in meaningful interaction.
  • People are working more from home.
  • Traffic is much less congested in cities.
  • Churches are gathering for worship, but emphasizing serving in the community.
  • People have more margin in their schedules.
  • Children enjoy some organized sports, but have more time for unstructured play time.
  • Corporations pay more to their currently underpaid employees.
  • Corporations care about the well-being of their consumers.
  • College and pro sports continue as diversions, not big business.
  • People know their neighbors better than ever.
  • Many grow their own food in their own yards, and share with neighbors.
  • Food shoppers prefer food that is locally grown.
  • People value the privilege of ordinary life not hindered by germs.
  • The pace of life is slower.
  • People take more time to think.
  • People prioritize what really matters to them.
What do you hope for?

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