Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Next Virus

We never thought this could happen. But it did. The scary thing is that it can happen again. We can create a vaccine for COVID-19. But there could be another virus, another new one that we have no immunity for.

At least we now know how to deal with it. We need lots more medical equipment, systems for dealing with economic disruption. And now we now know how to "social distance."

But with the possibility of harmful germs easily transmitted in public, our lives are forever changed. Even when the coronavirus is completely eradicated, we will always know that it could happen. And that knowledge will affect our attitudes in ways we cannot predict.

We will look back at our pre-pandemic lives with nostalgia, longing for the times of innocence when we could freely gather in public spaces, without a second thought.

This is just beginning. It will never be the same.